Social Bookmarking Service: Best way to generate backlinks!

To advertise, publicize and promote business online and break the clutter on the internet, websites undertake a lot of search engine optimization methods. An excellent opportunity for working with SEO and websites by building quality backlinks, is through social bookmarking services. SEO is a process of simplifying search engines’ work to crawl, index and categorize web content for search results using relevant keywords content, text, media, links and other promotions. Social bookmarking Service is one of the influential services in SEO which helps in increasing page ranking.

SEO - Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking service basically deals with linking sites with forums, message boards, blogs, social networking sites, and numerous social bookmarking sites. It’s a best substitute to submitting a website on blogs. Social bookmarking service helps the companies to increase their page rankings and improves quality links. They help web crawlers to find the relevant content and rank it accordingly. It is an excellent way of online promotions. It is a wider concept unlike computer bookmarking, wherein the links saved are available and visible across the globe. It helps a business to beat competition by devising and implementing an appropriate online strategy.

Top 5 Advantages of using Social Bookmarking Service:

  • Social Bookmarking Service is best link building SEO service that is profitable for both customers and businessmen.
  • They help to build one way backlinks for better link popularity.
  • It is one of the cost-effective ways to building online reputation and visibility among potential customers.
  • Handled by humans rather than automated algorithms, thus gives better results.
  • There are high and easy chances of it being recognized by web crawlers.
  • An efficient way to access a large collection of audio and video data that may not otherwise be indexed on a search engine.
  • It is portable and visible all across the world, unlike computer bookmarks.
  • It can be tagged, shared and saved just within a click.
  • It leads to interaction, brand exposure and builds quality links for better SEO.
  • A full free report of every website bookmarked, where link is placed in and what links it is generating is provided at the end for future reference.

The idea of shared online bookmarks was coined in April 1996 with introduction of ‘itList’, a public and private bookmarks portal. With time and technology, several online portals contributed to this feature. In 2003, launched the concept of tagging and invented the phrase ‘social bookmarking’. It is a way for users to store, organize and manage bookmarks of several relevant web pages that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, using internet. The amount of times a website is submitted and tagged, results into its visibility. More tags leads to better SERPs visibility. A newer technology, Podcast and video blogs are even searched for relevant content, which is a more recent addition to social bookmarking services. 

Social bookmarking service is an effective tool used for SEO to increase the visibility and make it available to potential customers. SEO experts at have knowledge about the latest trends of online marketing industry. They bookmark the same web page multiple times and/or tagging each page of their web site using a lot of popular tags. This necessitates web crawlers to find the sites very easily overcoming the risks of spams, abuses or errors. Therefore it is used by SEO experts to generate quality backlinks and increase website rankings.



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